Supremacy, Founded late 2014 solely to help build a solid core for the scooter industry and to support all you dudes that share a passion for riding.

The adventure so far…

Danny one of the founders tells his story:”

After running a physical store in my home-town,  Rugby it was evident that the UK was much further behind than every other country. The scooter scene seemed a lot more undeveloped and immature, which is almost inevitable with some of the corporate brands spreading vastly with more feasible products. There was no sense of direction and a lot of imitating occurring which is when I wanted to take action.
Being in retail for me was super fun and something I had always dreamed of from when I first started riding. It was one of the most surreal adventures I had been on and everyday was a learning curve. Throughout the three years of being open, it was noticeable that a real strong community had formed both locally and through social media from all the supporters. Locally, I would see many more new faces, Supreme Scooter stickers and them riding quality components. This was easily one of the biggest rewards for me personally, as it helped justify the impact I, and the shop had for just a minutiae segment of the industry. However I was struggling to compete with the much bigger retailers and buying in bulk. Being an independent retailer in such a niche market, whilst having to cover overheads, rent and so forth. I was forever trying to find ways to keep the business moving forward whilst trying to cater for all the real riders but this is when I became a part of a forever rotating, viscous circle… I would always do what I could to keep everyone happy and promoting the right brands, but this would mean that I would most likely be having to buy from overseas, which was fine until the shipping and custom charges were applied on top of the orders…
After the second renewal of the shop lease I was finding it hard to see consistency in sales and a lot of local riders dropping off. Prioirites always change and the explosion of riding was perhaps settling down. At least for the Midlands anyway but there become a point of finding it viable to keep on ordering from across the world in small quantities for the more regulars we had. It was during the next 18 months that I really started to knuckle down and realise what changes needed to happen.

This is when it occurred to me that I should perhaps look into moving upwards and onwards with manufacturing and to be able to supply retailers with my own components. I didn’t want to cut corners and just be considered as ‘another brand’. I wanted to create a movement amongst the industry, a brand that can help cater for the more mature market and give back to something that has simply given me so much.
In the UK there was a lot we didn’t have. We had a lot of middle-market products with no intentions to help innovate, plenty of mechanical -minded dads knocking up bars to under-cut, rip-off brands using the same factories as more reputable brands to make easy money, corporate companies turning young shredders into sweaty robots to generate sales and the list goes on!

It felt crucial to create a brand that can help feed the community, something that can grow and develop with the sport itself. After being heavily involved in the industry and meeting so many rad people, I felt it was time to make a real difference and in doing so, closed the shop in February, 2015 and spent that whole year behind the scenes doing the ground work for the latest brand, Supremacy.

Along the way I got in touch with a long time friend, Will Prentice who had his fair share of contacts so we simply combined all passion and knowledge to give you guys the highest quality of components and respect, for simply being a part of this growing entity.

Apologies for the essay homies but Facebook did require a ‘long description’ and I thought I would try break down the journey as much as possible. We hope you guys dig what we do and can support as much as we will support you!”

Keep on shredding.