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Blueprint Spray Heart Complete Skateboard


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Blueprint Spray Heart Complete Skateboard

Blueprint Spray Heart Complete Skateboard.

Start learning technical tricks

You already know how to ride, steerer and maybe you’ve even landed your first Ollie. Now it’s time for you to move on to some more technical tricks.

Stay safe and skate soft

  • Stay safe on its durable Canadian Maple deck construction.
  • Ride smoothly over tiny rocks and cracks with its soft wheels.
  • Avoid non-voluntary powerslides on slippery grounds thanks to the grippy wheels.
  • Easy turning for low-weight riders due to its soft rubber material on the trucks.
  • Great kick when flipping your board thanks to the deck shape.

20 years in the making

If you got a nostalgic feeling when you saw the Spray Heart logo, there is a good reason behind. The logo has been an influential and easy-recognizable brand on the market for about 20 years, so chances are good you’ve stumbled upon it before.


blueprint skateboards

Extra informatie


grijs, groen

Maat (Skateboard )

7", 8.125"


7-ply, maple

Deck features

Double kicktail



Wiel diameter


Wiel Hardheid



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