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[:nl]AO Stealth 3 Stuntstep Deck[:en]AO Stealth 3 Deck[:fr]AO Stealth 3 Deck[:]

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AO Stealth 3 Stuntstep Deck

AO Stealth 3 Stuntstep Deck, groot high-end deck voor streetriding.  De Stealth 3 heeft enkele belangrijke upgrades gekregen zoals een redesigned gesmeede neck, een nieuwe rem en een extra breed vlak gebied vooraan zodat je het deck beter kan fixeren voor nose grinds en blunts.  Door de nieuwe rem kan de Stealth zowel met 110mm, 120mm en 125mm wielen worden gereden.


M 21 1/4” (540 mm)
L 22 1/4” (565 mm)[:en]

AO Stealth 3 Deck

AO Stealth 3 Deck, Large high-end deck for the streets. The Stealth 3 deck has received some upgrades and now comes with a redesigned forged neck, a new brake and an extra wide area in the front for better lock and grind for nose blunts. The reworked brake means that you can now run the Stealth deck with either 110mm or 125mm wheels.

It features extra-long, U-shaped welds which increase the welding area about 30%. The welds are aligned with the center beams for maximum stiffness and the extra wide neck base increases leverage and lateral support. The neck and head tube are forged out a solid block of aluminum. Machined headset opening for a precise fit, high tensile Chromoly axle bolts, slightly rounded side walls and a curved stainless steel flex brake to prevent flat spots on your wheel.

With a length of up to 22 1/4” (565 mm) it gives you more foot space, more pop on bunny hops and more grinding surface.

M 21 1/4” (540 mm)
L 22 1/4” (565 mm)[:]




Extra informatie


chroom, koper, zwart

[:nl]Deck Lengte[:en]Decklength[:]

54cm, 56,5cm

[:nl]Deck Gewicht[:en]Deckweight[:]

1400g < weight < 1600g

[:nl]Deck Breedte[:en]Deck Width[:]


Headset Type




[:nl]Wiel Diameter[:en]Wheel Diameter[:]

100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 125mm

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    Het is een f*** goed street deck

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