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CORE Fusion3 Kiteboard

CORE Fusion3 Kiteboard verlegt opnieuw de grenzen met tal van nieuwigheden.  De Fusion 3 is het board voor de freeride, freestyler of waveripper.  Het board is de perfect allrounder.  Het board is loaded met nieuwigheden zoals nieuwe straps en pads, dubbel concaaf, vernieuwde shape, redesigned board tips voor een nog smoother gevoel.

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CORE Fusion3 Kiteboard

CORE Fusion3 Kiteboard,  Experience next-level awesomeness.
The summer is short for many of us. And we never quite know how windy it’s gonna get. So we should come prepared. For anything. And that means bringing your shiny new Fusion 3 and Fusion 3 LW for a whole lotta next-level awesomeness!

The new Fusion 3 is your twintip for all seasons and every adventure. Freeride. Freestyle. Or waves. This Cartan carbon fiber board can do it all with pizazz. Europe’s favorite performance freerider and board of choice for newcomers to gurus comes with all kinds of new features. And it’s all you need.


Cartan Carbon ­– Our exclusive hi-performance carbon fiber.
Our proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber roving optimizes  torsion and longitudinal flex. 30° biaxial carbon fiber has more flex along the length the board and less flex toe-to-heal.  Cartan also needs less resin to cure which saves considerable weight. This weave means bigger pop, way softer landings, and better durability.

New: Vario Rails – precise flex and unreal energy.
The Fusion 3 sports a new variable rail thickness. 9mm thick rails around the middle of the board reduce to 3mm on the tips. Just imagine the kinetic energy you’ll generate with these new rails!

New: Vee Rocker – more rocker underfoot and less rocker towards tips.
The Fusion 3’s new rocker is more pronounced under your feet and progressively reduces towards the tips. This knowhow borrows from the Imperator 6 – Carved Custom’s latest masterpiece.

Improved: 3D Wood Core – Less weight. Better flex memory.
Powerfully light, marine grade, Paulownia wood is the heart of every Fusion 3. The laminated, long-grained wood core gives our boards dimensional stability, decay resistance, and a lightweight yet distinctively powerful character. We extended the Paulownia further towards the board edges and now CNC mill both top and bottom. The larger wood core reduces board weight and improves flex memory

New: Deeper V-Shaped Keel – for a smoother ride.
The full-length V-shaped keel cuts through even the roughest chop saving your knees for the fun stuff. Extend your sesh with the new Fusion 3.

New: Multi-Channels – for unbelievable handling.
The channels worked so well on the Fusion 2 we added a center and edge channels to the new board. The center channel follows the length of the board and provides extra depth for the V-Keel. In addition to the center channel, we added two ¾ length outer channels that further improve edging. Freestylers can load their edges more than ever. And freeriders will notice how well the Fusion 3 tracks upwind.

Double Concave – for more grip in the corners.
The new board retains the double concave design that delivers fantastic grip when carving those beautiful gybes.

New: CORE Union Pro 2 – amazing hold and customizability
Now with multi-stance. In addition to longitudinal and foot angle options, the new footpad features fore/aft adjustment to bring the pad closer/further away from the edges. The slightly thinner orthotic EVA footpads with its “toe grabber” 3D surface will hold your feet securely even on those off-balance landings. Similar customization options are found on the improved straps to give you the perfect fit even with 7mm booties on! The dual velcro strap design features tool-free pitch, longitudinal and height adjustments to support your foot precisely


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