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The legend. The true jump champion with easy landing – anywhere. Our top selling model. We believe that the Imperator is, in terms of control, way beyond any other twin tip, especially in strong winds, choppy water or otherwise challenging conditions.

“A board can only be as fast as its controllability allows”. This is the insight all speedkiters have. Even at high speeds it is not a problem to slow the board down and then accelerate again.

CARTAN® – the finest and most advanced carbon

Hiss-Tec on Fehmarn is the first kite board manufacturer in the world to process this 12K-carbon fibres. The high tech stitched multi-axial carbon fabric differs from ordinary carbon fabric in that woven threads keep the fibres at an exact 30 degree angle. In addition the board is made in the CARVED-typical uni-body construction method. Thanks to the tight and parallel fibre layout impact forces, on landing, are redistributed over a larger area.

With CARTAN® CARVED is able to add to its legendary ability to perfectly combine two technically disparate elements – flex and stiffness. The result is a board with the ability for unprecedented explosive jumps as well as a comfortable and effective upwind ability. The high strength of fine carbon fibre allowed us to reduce the amount of material used and as a result the weight of the board.

Elliptical Flex Tips – higher comfort, more pop

Tips are one of the main contributors to a board’s character. The board-manufacturing specialists from Fehmarn know that soft tips provide comfort but reduce performance. CARVED has developed a tip with an elliptical cut out that increases flex whilst further decreasing weight. The Elliptical Flex Tip will always flex at the right place. At the outside by the fins the rail is turned a little harder to provide explosive pop at take-off. The centre of the tip is a little softer in order to ensure a smooth ride in choppy water.

The tip itself is made more stable by the elliptical shape as there are no weak points. Improvements in manufacturing allow for the bottom concave to run deeper into the tail. This again increases control as the board can be edged harder and longer. The crescent shaped concave is extremely complex to process – however the uni-body construction, which is unique in the kiting industry, remains. The Elliptical Flex Tips are utilised up to a length of 140 cm. There are two reasons for this; big boards generate pop through the sheer width of the rails and longer boards require stiffer rails so as not to restrict the glide characteristics.

Full 3D Rails

The middle rail of the Imperator is rounded. The additional effort that this requires is not without reason: the water sucks around the rail allowing more load to be placed on the rail. This results in the Imperator being able to hold its rail – even at high speeds. The loading of the kite lines, through the board, is improved, even at high speed, allowing for higher jumps.

Moreover, thanks to the rounded rails, the ride becomes easier, more comfortable and more controlled – you don’t see surfboard with sharp rails do you?

High speed landings, for example after a Kiteloop, are much easier with the Imperator – in comparison to kiteboards with hard and sharp rails. No caught rails, even when the board lands slightly skew in the water. Landings are clearly easier than they are with the “Snowboard-type” rails.

Razor Fins – for grip and agility

No other fin has the same amount of grip and agility. The shape of the razor fins allows them to be placed further out. Here the fin profile is at its most effective and allows for maximum guidance during both take offs and landing.

The new razor fin might cut like a razor through the water but CARVED has made sure, by ensuring that the leading edge is not sharp, that there are no nasty surprises when you come unstuck.

Availabilty Price Available Board Sizes
Delivery 2-3 working days * 1.299 EUR 130 x 39 133 x 40,5 135 x 41,5 137 x 42,5 139 x 44
includes CARVED straps + CARVED pads + FFL Grabhandle
red CARVED Razor G10 Fins <= 133cm 1.7” >= 135cm 1.9”
Color options white / red

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Board Maat

130×39, 133×40.5, 135×41.5, 137×42.5, 139×44


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