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2020 Slingshot Terrain Wakeboard


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2020 Slingshot Terrain Wakeboard

A rail and feature-friendly park board with a soft flex pattern for riders who love a buttery-smooth feeling under their feet.

The Terrain is your ticket to going from “joe” to “pro” when it comes to riding features in the park. The design is as simple as it gets, focused heavily on riding rails. The soft flex pattern is a magical experience on obstacles when it comes to getting over that hump and locking into bigger presses, and the wide profile is perfect for when it comes to locking in to 50/50’s. The terrain is the baseline for every board in our cable fleet - and a proven favorite amongst our pro team!


The Terrain is the classic rail riding board without any BS, bells or whistles. Built for rail riding gurus who love a soft and smooth flex.

Art By: Joerg Koziol
Not just a board graphic, it’s a genuine work of art


SLINGSHOT Wakeboarding

SLINGSHOT Wakeboarding

Extra informatie

Board Rocker (Wakeboarding)


Vaarstijl ( Wakeboarding )

All Terrain, Kabel

Maat ( Wakeboard )

140, 144, 148, 152


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